We specialise in turnaround finance and management expertise

  • Providing working capital to companies in the UK.  Undercapitalised, large debtor book or creditors creating unnecessary pressure? Call us
  • From taking a small equity stake in your company with turnaround loans and becoming a long term partner in your business to raising third party turnaround capital. Alexander Capital has the tools you need for a successful turnaround or refinance.
  • Restructuring high growth companies with a shortage of working capital.
  • Acquiring distressed or badly performing companies outright and driving a turnaround.
  • Financing (through our own funds or through our associated turnaround funds and contacts) turnaround situations of up to £20m per case.
  • Effecting exit from “living dead companies” for venture capital companies or private investors.
  • Restructuring non performing management teams.
  • Acquiring unwanted companies – call us now we act fast. Share purchase agreements agreed in 7-10 days.
  • Providing an exit for worried directors/investors/parent companies with other businesses to run.
  • Solving financial problems for directors, with hands-on advice from turnaround experts to CVA expertise. Entering or exiting company voluntary arrangements, pre pack administrations & business asset sales.